The Human Side Of Sex Robots

by Calvin Clark on November 21, 2018

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Growing up in an scientifically friendly house exposed me to a unique kind of science fiction. While the American sci fi movie has always been big budget epics with tons of explosions, the British prefer a more human approach. Their science fiction is more about social commentary set in a distant but familiar future.

The classic depiction of a British robot, though cold and logical, is usually affable and a source of emotional support for the protagonist. Therefore, it was no surprise to read that the UK has a community of people excited about sex robots not only capable of meeting one’s physical needs but providing intimate conversation. Aww!

A documentary from UK’s Channel 4 explored the interesting world of robot sex enthusiasts. The Sex Robots Are Coming covers a range of topics to the current state of sex bots to what the future will bring. While we’ve talked about other sex robot’s before, what sets this documentary apart is the emphasis on the impact of men making love to robots on humanity.

As someone who occasionally masturbates to POV videos of women whispering affections into a camera, I can’t say my interest as well as my penis aren’t piqued.

The program will touch on the opinions of the people who are poised to be replace by sexually capable robots. Though many men may see functioning sex-bots as a dream come true, some women feel the interest in them to encourage misogyny. Considering they are essentially literal sex objects made to look and behave like women this is a fair point.

We recently read about a prototype sex robot that was heavily abused by the public at a technology convention and it did make us worry about the wellbeing of robot prostitutes in the future. However, these sex robots are simply the natural progression of readily available sex dolls that are typically coddled.

Given the high cost of these artificial companions it’s no wonder their owners treat them well; sometimes even taking them on dates and buying them gifts. If a wealthy man chooses to never talk to a woman again that’s his business.

As a connoisseur of more reasonably price and conservatively featured technology, I kind of wonder where this future of sex robots leaves me. I’m picturing something like a Fleshlight with an Alexa enabled device tapped to the back it.

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