The Joys Of Masturbation, The Joys Of My Vibrators

I’ve been obsessed with masturbation for a very long time.  Being able to please myself has been my secret selfish habit for years. I think the most fun thing about being a woman and masturbating is the wide selection of sex toys that are made for us.

When I’m not recording my masturbatory antics for XTube,  I like to keep things simple. I’ve acquired quite a collection of vibrating and non vibrating toys over the years of working in a porn shop, so sometimes choosing what I want to fuck myself with takes a bit longer then the actual act itself.

First, I pick out a vibrating toy to use on my clit.  Most of the time I go for my standby bedside girlfriend, the Hitachi Magic Wand.  I like how quickly she can make me cum.  Her vibrations are super strong and very intense so it makes it easier to fit multiple orgasms into a short period of time. None of that edging stuff for me. My orgasms don’t intensify with denial and I can cum multiple times, so I figure I might as well get in as many as I can.

After I’ve decided on which vibrator to use, I pick out another toy to actually fuck myself with.  Some people enjoy softer toys that feel more realistic but the way that I look at it is, if I wanted to fuck a real cock I’d just go on Craig’s List and find one.  I enjoy textured glass dildo a lot.  They seem to hit me inside in all the right places and force orgasm after orgasm out of me.

Occasionally at this point, I’ll pick out an anal toy to use, but to be honest most of the time I leave the anal play for my videos. With my toys in hand, I’ll head over to my bed, where I’ll lay on my back with my knees bent so that I can get the right angle to stuff my pussy and start slowly fucking.  I’m usually wet and ready for my Hitachi within seconds.

If you’ve never heard the sound that a Hitachi makes, I’d equate it to a tiny jet engine.  The WHIRRR of the powerful motor is much stronger then the BUZZ that you get out of other less powerful vibrators.  She is certainly not for the faint of heart or for anyone who is trying to conceal their masturbation.  I’m sure that my neighbors are all very aware when I break her out of the box.

With my Hitachi on my clit and the dildo fucking my pussy, my nipples get harder and harder.  Then, all in an instant, my mouth will open wide and my back will arch and the wave of the orgasm will start at the middle of my body and travel up to my head and down to my toes…and then I’ll do it all again and again until I’m satisfied.