The Many Encores Of Rihanna’s Nipples

Smelling glue all morning leaves me confused by the time the afternoon comes, which is why I thought I already posted these pics of Rihanna’s nips and her magic orbs of power being displayed to the world via a see-thru top, but once I picked myself off the floor and cleaned the vomit out of my eyes and examined the photos closer I realized that this is an encore performance by her – in fact it is basically what she’s all about now, a one trick booby pony…not that we’re complaining, I’m always happy to to our extensive collection of her showing off her nippies and titties via sheer clothing.

That all said this isn’t really my site, it’s yours, make sure to tell us in the comments if you’re sick of Rihanna or just sick of seeing her on Peeperz all the time, if you think she’s hot or not, if you want all the pictures of her bod we can find or just really really graphic ones, etc etc. Give us your feedback right below these baps, oh and click the pics for the larger versions: