The Return Of Alyssa Arce’s Boobs!

by Lola Byrd on January 16, 2014

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Alyssa Acre, a.k.a. Playboy’s Miss July 2013, has phenomenal boobs. They’re huge and they’re a hundred percent real, which makes me love them even more, ’cause recently I’ve grown to dislike fake boobs. Not all of them mind you, because I’m sure their are tonnes of fake boobs that are great and look nice and squishy, but I really don’t like the look of big ol’ fake boobs that don’t move, especially when the pornstar in question is getting fucked really hard and really fast. Everything else is jiggling around, but those big ol’ cantaloupes are sitting there like they’re made of cement. Ugh.

It’s not even the huge fake boobs either, there are some medium size fake boobs that look really bad too. You know, they get that weird gap in the middle that’s just really unappealing, and they’re round all the way around, which puts me off, because real boobs tend to have a gentle slope on top. And then you have too fake boobs with the nipples that are poking in the wrong directions because the skin has been stretched too far. Bag fake boobs make me sad.

Seriously, I know that not all boobs are made equal but I would rather the worst real tits than the worst fake tits any day of the week and some times on Sunday.

Of course, we don’t even have to make that choice when Alyssa Arce is in the house, because her tits are downright perfect. They’re nice and big (not that I don’t like small boobs too, they are just as hot), and real, which means they move around and they’re squishy. A good squish is really important when it comes to boobs. In my opinion anyway. Touching them is one of the best parts, so is squeezing, which means they have to have that soft sort of ripeness where you can really dig your fingers in, but only to a point because then you hit that firmness that fills up the palms of your hands just right.

Riiiight, so I’m getting seriously horny for boobs right now. I had to stop myself before I started waxing poetics on the soft skin of boobs and how they feel when pressed against the shaft of a big hard dick. Yup, had to stop before I got there. Because things might have gotten out of hand and when it comes to boobs you never want things to get out of hand. Unless they’re going into your mouth, because then its okay.

Photos taken by Terry Richardson, again.

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Via by @misslolabyrd

  • Zach Becvar

    I definitely agree. There is something about real boobs that are magical. The way the move and bounce and change their shape is an amazing turn on for me. I especially love it when a girl used her arms to squeeze her boobs together and makes them swell up.

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes. They have to move and bounce and change shape depending on how your body is positioned.

  • Robonino123

    Most fake boobs are terrible. All real boobs are awesome though. I’m honestly more surprised that these pictures are from Terry Richardson and he kept himself out of all the shots.

    • Yup. I used to not care as much, but they’re bothering me more and more. I can’t stand them. Oh, I’m sure some pass under the radar, which is cool because then they must look real, but there are soooo many bad boob jobs out there.

      Like Christy Mack. Not saying she has a bad boob job, because she doesn’t, they’re however noticeably fake. But half her fans are constantly asking her on twitter if they’re real, which leads me to believe that some dudes no longer know what real boobs are supposed to look like.

      • Robonino123

        I saw a photo set the other day and the model, who clearly had implants cause her boobs were the size two small foreign cars. had her right nipple practically in the center of her chest and the left was in her arm pit. It looked like she had googly eyes for nipples.

        • I hear you can lose sensation too. Although, everyone always says it doesn’t change anything, I wouldn’t take the chance of losing pleasurable sensation in my my boobs.

  • Toxik

    I could suck on them for hours…………….

  • edwards21

    And we’re right back to Terry. Well, hell with it, I said my piece, and there’s nothing to say I can’t enjoy these photos. Hell, the one with Alyssa in the chair is pure gold.

    • I know, I know, but he DOES get all the beautiful naked ladies. I know tons of extraordinary photographer, but Terry gets all the famous ladies. I have to go where to ladies are.

      • edwards21

        That he does. Now if only photographers like Michael Helms – who aren’t assholes – could be as famous and in the know. I’d love to see Alyssa or Emily or any of the great naked supermodels from the last year or so get in front of the lens of an actual artist.

  • Dingaling

    She has really weird eyes. Her boobs squeezed a bit look very nice.

    • I didn’t see anything weird about her eyes, but yes her boobs look very nice when squeezed. I agree.

  • BDY

    Goodness those are wonderful, I think I found me a new pair of pillows.

    • Alyssa Arce boob pillows… now we’re talking.

      • BDY

        You should contact her and look into molding her tits to do just that. I’m thinking the travel industry would make a great market.

        • YES. Her boobs could stop people from getting cricks in their necks on planes, trains, and automobiles.

  • Michael Ians

    Real breasts are Awesome! Men must stand up and yell, JUST SAY NO TO FAKE BOOBS!

  • cat dancer

    Gotta love Terry Richardson. Only he can take a beautiful woman, strip off her make-up, ruin her hair, over-light her and make her look like a bad nude GF pic. Those ridiculous glasses he wears obviously don’t work!

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  • Moron

    Idiots ! These are not natural breasts. And i wouldn’t use the word ‘fake’. Fake would mean implants. But there are other ways to enlarge breasts. Look up stem cell breast augmentation and fat graft breasts augmentation.

  • Natural Beauty

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