The Top 5 Airports For Hooking Up With Strangers!

by Calvin Clark on October 24, 2016

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Traveling sucks. Airport security totally invades your privacy and treats you like a total asshole, and once you get on your plane every mook who ate too much that morning takes a shit on it leaving the cabin with the same aroma as a NFL stadium bathroom at half time. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to grab a drink at the airport.

Nothing sooths the pain and eases the hurt like an eight dollar White Russian. If you’re lucky you might even get lucky with a fellow traveler, and a website called will even help you do it.

Just as the name would suggest, it’s a website that helps travelers meet up with other travelers and do whatever it is consenting adults do when they get together. To help stir up some of their business, they released some info on which airports in the United States are best for dating.

They asked 60,000 of their members to come up with the top five airports for hooking up and then factored in amenities like bars and restaurants.

Once the data was crunched, Orlando International Airport was found to be the best location to hook up with another drifter in the dark. Aside from an exceptional rate of on-time departures and favorable reviews on Yelp, the airport also has an on-site Hyatt Regency Hotel. Billed as “more than just a place to stay before a flight,” the hotel offers day room rates for getting to know your new friends better.

Also making the list were airports in Miami, Newark, Boston, and Philadelphia. Their reputation for having quality amenities and friendly locals put them above other airports for hooking up so if you happen to pass through any of these cities during your travels this year, go ahead and take a look around. You just might find something or someone to help pass the time instead of buying overpriced souvenirs or doing crossword puzzles.

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