The Wonderful Paz De La Huerta Nude: Tits/Snatch/Asshole

by Bucky Beall on December 27, 2011

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Paz de la Huerta is best known for role on HBO’s hit program Boardwalk Empire playing a floozey who’s drunk and naked all the time which of course is the perfect part for a floozey who is drunk and naked all the time. Our site basically has a weekly post of her naked,  in fact, if you’ve seen a lot of that furry fuzz pie and can spot it anywhere Paz is one of the girls in the Peeperz contest  “Match that Snatch“, click that link to play and win a Fleshlight!

With all the Paz de la Hurta posts and now a contest I hope we aren’t wearing you out on her famous hairy pussy and nice plump and perky pontoons, because we still love our looney gal’s model bod. A while back she did a naked shoot for some photographer’s coffee table book and behind the scenes video he made of the shoot is pretty dirty.

The vid was made a little while back but recently some grand internet perv actually took the time to make stills from the footage and upload it, so we’ve collected them here for you along with the original video (which also features other models getting their clothes off).

Look below to take in Paz’s tits, vag, and some bonus asshole action:

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  • Lola Byrd

    I love Paz! She’s not conventionally beautiful, but her sex appeal if way off the charts. I personally find her incredibly attractive and sexy. She’s so unabashed about her body that it’s great to watch. I wish everyone felt as free.

  • Master Shake

    This broad is just gross! She looks like she should sleep in a dumpster.

    • Lola Byrd

      You’re kind of a dick, aren’t you?

      • Ckuznit

        I agrre with you, master is obviously into men.

    • Ckuznit

      dumpsters must be really nice where you live Master ASSHOLE, you must be into men.

    • Masters’ last name is Bater

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  • Mccormick_50

    Some Wicked pics or a Beautiful Lady and an even better Video….. Just Wicked

  • Rbertrand

    sheís naturally beautyfull!!

  • mine is prettier

    She looks exactly like my 42 yo gf, who’s face is much prettier, but has just a little bit smaller tits.

  • dusty rider

    there’s some good eatin’ there!!!

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