The World Wants More American Sperm

by Calvin Clark on September 11, 2017

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The United States isn’t as great as it once was but we’re still good at a lot of things, like eating until it hurts and calling our national sports teams “world champions.” While our economy fluctuates, there are a lot of markets in turmoil resulting in honest, hardworking Americans falling upon hard times. However, in the midst of all this change and fluctuation there is one American made commodity that is continuing to grow in demand worldwide – sperm.

According to the world’s largest sperm bank, California Cyrobank, the demand for American made baby seed has grown 40% over the last 5 years, with approximately 60 countries requesting shipments. What’s so grand about Americans that places our sperm in such high demand?

Besides a penchant for freedom and sports that require thousands of dollars of equipment – nothing really. It’s all in how we regulate it.

The US has a particular set of laws that makes the donor pool more attractive to potential mothers. Unlike parts of Europe, Australia, and Canada – Americans are free to donate sperm anonymously while typically paying more for each donation. Additionally, there are loose limits as to the number of women who can use a single donor’s sperm which is not the case in countries like France and Sweden.

The long and short of it all is thanks to good old capitalism, it’s a buyers’ market when it comes to American sperm. As single women and lesbian couples begin to garner more recognition worldwide, artificial insemination using donated sperm is becoming more popular. Women have a lot more options when choosing the second half of the chromosomes when they turn to American based sperm banks as opposed to those from their home countries.

If that all sounds a little unpatriotic, then you might be overthinking it. Personally I like the idea of some powerful, single, Chinese business woman carrying around a baby that looks like my absurdly handsome, though unmotivated and cash strapped UPS deliveryman.

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