There’s A Magic 8 Ball Butt Plug & It’s All I’ve Ever Wanted

by Lola Byrd on February 27, 2016

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I’m pretty sure I just ate some under cooked Italian sausages, so in case I die before being able to complete this blog post I’ll get right to it. Someone invented a Magic 8 Ball butt plug and it’s everything I never knew I always wanted. Etsy seller GlowFYourself affixed a mini Magic 8 Ball to the flared end of a steel butt plug – available in a spiral pattern or smooth!


Whaa- Outlook good, very, very good.

According to the brilliant mind behind the Magic 8 Ball butt plug:

This small anal toy, ornament and tool of anal divination will always brighten up your day, weather it’s deep inside you, proudly displayed on your coffee table, worn around the office, hung from a necklace or given as a gift to a loved one!

Personally, I just want to get on all fours, stick it in my ass and have someone use my bum to divine the future.



When you’ve got something this good and reliable to base all your decisions on you just have to go for it.


The only issue I have is that the sharpie GlowFYourself provided for scale is so damn dirty that it makes me shudder at the idea something that was next to that thing shoved up my butt.



It’s a good thing GlowFYourself provided scale though, because I had assumed the Magic 8 Ball butt plug was much bigger than it really is. Either way, I still want it. If only to pull out at parties whenever someone is feeling undecided.


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