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by Alpha Harlot on March 25, 2019

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Do you know what the difference between a vulva and a vagina is?  I am 100% guilty of calling my vulva my vagina all of the time. When I tried to unpack why I do that, I think it’s because vagina sounds like a more “shocking” word to me.  In my brain, vulva sounds beautiful, but vagina sounds a bit crass.

They’re words that have power, especially since a large part of the population doesn’t know the difference between the two.  I’m going to pull out a diagram right now because I would like to talk about a conversation I heard on the radio while I was commuting home from work the other day.  

Here’s a diagram of the female bits for future reference:

The conversation on the National Public Radio program All Things Considered was all about how men and women learn about sex differently and from different places.   Two experts weighed in on the subject and I figured I’d share my findings with you Peepz.

Dominick Quartuccio of The Discerning Dick (love that name btw) says that he and most men learned about sex from three places, family, faith and friends.  With people being so ashamed to talk about sex in their homes, it is very difficult to get a well rounded sexual education from any one place.  Schools don’t want to touch sex ed with a ten foot pool, parents are too concerned about being uncomfortable to discuss sex, and faith? Well, that’s a completely different post that I will probably never write.

Women are fascinated to know what men are actually thinking….Men are concerned with pushing their feelings down into their psyche and to never be retrieved.

Emily Nagoski is the author of the book Come as You Are. During the interview, she says:

Sex is, first and foremost, a social behavior for humans and, how do we learn almost every other social behavior? By watching.  We don’t do that with sex. The closest most of us come is watching porn and learning about sex by watching porn is like learning how to drive by watching Nascar.

Truth, my Peepz.  Total truth.

You can learn about sex from all around you. Porno can give you ideas and new exciting ways to experience pleasure. If it’s purely your foundation though, sometimes things can get skewed.

When I was first having sex, I thought that the woman had to be on top because that was the go-to position for most of the porn that I had encountered.  I thought that women HAVE to give blowjobs, but didn’t even realize that pussy eating was a thing.

When I became a sexually empowered pervert and I realized all of these things (and more) doors were opened and experiences and adventures were had.  It was amazing.

I’m going to finish off with the parting words from both of the guests on All Things Considered.  Let me know in the comments who you think said what, because both bits of advice will work for everyone.

“Pleasure is the measure of your sexuality.”

“Get curious and stay curious.”

You can listen to the entire All Things Considered interview by clicking the link below.

Source: All Things Considered

Image: Rhiannon Ryder in Squirtin’ on a Nerd by Brazzers

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