This Music Video About The Clitoris Gives Me Faith In Humanity

by Lola Byrd on August 2, 2016

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There’s a teenager inside of me from the ’90s that’s very happy about everything in this video. The silver lipstick speaks to me more than you can know. Too bad all this info would have been way over my head at the time. It’s only in recent years, that people are starting to have a real grasp of the clitoris.

It’s starting to be common knowledge that the clit is more than a little exterior nubbin and that it is in fact and whole internal structure that looks something like this:



Pretty cool, right? I think the female sexual anatomy is fascinating!

Singer/songwriter Dorian Electra does a pretty good job at illustrating what’s so awesome about the clitoris in her video “Musical Ode to the Clitoris.” It’s very Lady Gaga meets ’90s rave kids giving you a sex ed refresher while on drugs.

If the video does nothing for you, maybe a dose of straight up knowledge is what you need. Here I’ve got a few clitoris facts rounded-up for your perusal:

  • The clit is located at the upper end of the vulva just below the meeting of the inner lips. (If you don’t know this already, you better be underage and a virgin.)

  • Its only purpose is pleasure. (A fact that has stumped evolutionary biologists for ages.)

  • It’s made of spongy tissue that’s rich in blood vessels and nerve endings that swell up when aroused. (Ladies can get a hard on too, okay!)

  • The tip of the clitoris is called the glans. (Like the penis glans is contains a crazy shitload of nerve endings.)

  • The intersection of the inner lips creates a hood that covers the glans and protects the clitoris. (The man in the boat, where the boat is the hood.)

  • It’s the most sensitive erogenous zone and contains as many as 8,000 nerve endings. (Double the amount of nerve endings as dude’s have in their peen, which delights me to no end for some bizarre reason. I like being on the winning side apparently.)

  • The clitoral shaft extends under the skin up towards the pubic bone and belly before turning down towards the vagina. When aroused the shaft becomes rigid and sinks deeper inside the body. (Biology is so freaking cool.)

  • The crura are the two legs of the clitoris, which continue deeper for about three inches towards the G-spot, one on either side of the vagina. (One of the reasons why the opening of the vagina is extra sensitive.)

  • Only about 10% of women have a clitoris that’s close enough to the vaginal opening to be easily orgasmic from typical penis penetration. (If the clit is positioned further than one inch from the vaginal opening it’s difficult to stimulate the clit during intercourse, you know, unless you pay special attention to it with your hands and whatnot.)

  • The tip of the clitoris is fed by the pudendal (external human genitals) nerve, as are the vagina’s lips and opening, the perineum, and the anus. (Pudenda was latin for “shame” so obviously some genius thought it would be clever to call a woman’s external genitals pudenda. Sigh.)

  • The shaft and the legs of the clitoris, as well as the inner vagina and the G-spot, are fed by the pelvic nerve deeper inside, which might explain why orgasms feel different when triggered by the inner or the outer erogenous zones. (I have nothing to say about this as I’m still confused about the different kinds of orgasms that are out there.)

I wish I was a high school sex ed teacher. I think I would be good at it. I’d probably get fired real quick, but for those few months before getting fired there would be some kids out there in the world with some good, solid sex education.

I would start be showing them this video.

Check out the video:

P.S. I really want those clitoris earrings and that clitoris ring. Give me a heads up if you know where I can purchase all this clitoral swag.

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