This Pic Of Alessandra Ambrosio Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

by Lola Byrd on September 13, 2017

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I fucking love this picture of Alessandra Ambrosio. This one. The header pic. The one where she lying on her stomach in the sand half-submerged in the ocean with her hard nips outlined in shadow. I love sexy silhouettes. They’re tantalizing and this one is really doing it for me.

I fucking love the ocean and that particular shade of blue you only get at dusk. I live for that shit. If you could get off to a color, I would cream all over the color blue. Yes, cream.

Get on top
You will cop
Don’t you stop
Sh-boogie bop

Prince said it best: “You’re filthy cute and baby you know it.” I think that’s a sentiment that can apply to Alessandra Ambrosio very well. The Victoria’s Secret model definitely knows she’s filthy cute. When you rake in approximately 5 million a year for being beautiful I doubt you have a self-esteem issue.

Jesus Christ, I wish I could make 5 million during the course of my life let alone a year. It’s insane that some people have SO MUCH money while so many other’s live below or just above the poverty line. The word is fucked up.

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