This Very Pregnant “Badass” Pole Dancer Will Blow Your Mind!

by Lola Byrd on April 4, 2016

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I’m not a prego porn aficionado, but I don’t gag at the sight of a pregnant lady either. I do, however, think most pregnant ladies look especially good if only because their boobs are usually swollen and look like they’re about to pop. I love boobs. Boobs are great. I definitely sexualize the hell out of them, but I don’t understand the Peepz who can’t get over women who breastfeed in public as if they’re degenerates.

I bet breastfeeding haters have been shitting bricks ever since Cleo the Hurricane, a.k.a. the pregnant pole dancer, posted a video on Facebook of her grinding and bumping in a new pregnant pole dancing routine.

It takes a lot to shock me, and I have to admit that when I first saw this video I was tempted to judge Cleo for doing a pole dancing routine when she was clearly about to pop a baby, but then I remembered that that kind of thinking is just shitty misogyny instilled in me from birth by the patriarchy and that in reality Cleo’s routine is pretty badass.

Cleo wrote on her blog:

“I absolutely LOVE being pregnant (for the most part), but I have also never felt so unsexy as I do today (especially in the last trimester). I have been CRAVING and LOVING that feeling of putting on my heels, a sexy song and pole dancing… just to feel sexy again.”

If putting on a sexy police officer’s uniform and a pair of 7 inch high heel makes Cleo feel sexy again who am I to judge her? Clearly, the woman knows what she’s doing.

“I take my pregnancy VERY seriously and would never put on a pair of 7 or 8” heels if I wasn’t completely comfortable and confident in them. To be honest I am more clumsy at home barefoot than I am in a studio with sky-high stilettos on.”

Whatever you think about a pregnant lady baring her midriff and rubbing her belly while doing a couple pelvic thrusts, there’s no denying that Cleo the Hurricane has got skillz. She’s not kidding when she says she feels more at home wearing sky-high stilettos that going barefoot. So quit your judging and let Cleo be, because girls they just want to have fun.

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  • BDY

    Yeah, I don’t see the Mrs doing this at her current stage of pregnancy. More power to Cleo, I do enjoy a little preggo porn, but based on most mom’s I know the physical tole the last trimester takes on a woman is brutal. I’m impressed both at get agility and the fact she can handle the moves.

    • Seriously, clearly Cleo has a body honed by her craft.

  • Well at least she didn’t start spinning upside down on the pole. That baby would get so dizzy.

    • She wrote that she stopped doing the upside down stuff during her pregnancy.

  • Yep! Blew my mind. Easy on that baby though…please.

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