Throw Back Thursday Nudity Edition: Charisse (1990)

by Lola Byrd on December 22, 2016

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Holy crap, Hustler had it going on in the ’90s. I don’t know much about this model, except for the fact that she went under the name Charisse and that she had a banging bod, but I can tell you without a doubt that I would have masturbated to pic number three (see photo gallery) had I seen it back when I used to steal my brother’s dirty mags.

These days I don’t really fap it to still images, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like looking at them to get the motor nice and warm and ready to go.

There are three things I want you to take note of when looking at this photoshoot. First off, what the hell is up with the copy on the first picture?


What is a hot-slot? And since when are dudes emergency showers? Fluid relief, really? Jesus, I know people were probably too busy looking at the pictures to read the text, but they could have made a little effort.

Second, what the holy hell is up with the tomatoes in pic number two? Look closely, I’ll wait. Yup, that is a couple of tomatoes cut in half on either side of Charisse. Who just cuts a couple of tomatoes in half? And then takes a shower with said tomatoes? Weird.

I’d like to met the person who was in charge of props that day.

Third, you just don’t see quality bush like that anymore. Clearly, Charisse had her bikini line waxed, but other than that she keep the whole thing pretty full. That is a look that has started resurfacing over the last couple of years, but what we hardly ever see is the happy trail to the butthole. Looking at it now feels almost illicit.

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