Throw Back Thursday Nudity Edition: Samantha Bentley (2015)

Penthouse was my favorite skin mag pre-internet. I used to steal my brother’s copies all the time. When I was ten I would look at the pictures, read the Penthouse Forum letters, and get off by turning over on my stomach and humping the mattress.

It’s been a long fucking time since I’ve even looked at a real deal Penthouse Magazine, but if all their pictorials were as awesome as this one of Samantha Bentley, I might consider getting a subscription. Nah, just kidding. I might try harder to find free pics online, though.

Frankly, I can’t get over Samantha’s body. It’s fucking wicked! If I was a sculptor, I’d be hard pressed to come up with a better female form. The lines of her bod are simply stunning, from her boobs, to her stomach and hips, to her legs and ass. Wow!

When it comes to lingerie my go to color is black, black like my heart and soul, but Samantha’s sheer pink bra is doing all sorts of things to me nether regions. Her nipples look amazing in that bra. I just want to cup her tits with my hand and brush my thumb over her erect nipples.

Samantha’s nips look amazing out of the bra as well, but there’s something about that sheer material that is driving me wild. It’s funny, because as a woman I can look at pictures like these and on top of enjoying the visuals I can also imagine what Samantha feels, or, at least what I would feel in her place.

That double layer of sensory input is pretty damn amazing! Being a woman is pretty damn amazing! I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Well, except when it comes to cleaning. It really pisses me off that as I’m a woman I’m expected to make the meal and clean up after everyone afterwards.

Big family meals don’t happen often, but when they do all the women are expected to do the dishes. I’ll never see my male cousins get up after dinner to do the dishes, but I’m all but told to get my ass in the kitchen. That ish needs to stop.

I’ll make an exception for Samantha Bentley and only for her. I’d be glad to cook for Sam and do her dishes any day. Maybe. Probably.

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  • I think that if a man tells a woman to get in the kitchen it’s perfectly legal to set the house on fire with all of the men inside.

    • It’s not even men telling women to get into the kitchen it’s older women telling women to get in the kitchen and only asking women.

      • UGH old people are the worst. And babies too. People in between kind of suck too.

  • satan_bonaparte

    I’m never going to complain for having to witness Bentley with knees spread and figure on full display, but this ain’t even remotely a throwback… If you’re going to TBT I expect to see the untamed pubic topiary of a woman who is now approaching retirement age.

    • Ah, come on, you’ve got to give me a break. Two years is a throw back sort of. Okay, you caught me I just wanted to sneak in this pictorial, because I liked it so much.

      • satan_bonaparte

        I absolutely love yr posts and predilections, so I’m not about to go dark on the customer service front. Thank you! And keep on keeping on — god know you’re pumping blood in the right direction.

        • Ha! I’m always glad to hear back from readers. It makes me feel good to know people enjoy what I do!

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