Throw Back Thursday Nudity Edition: Shannen Doherty (1994)

Last week, when I did a Throw Back Thursday on Shannen Doherty’s 2003 Playboy photoshoot it had somehow escaped my attention that she had appeared in Playboy once before. That’s right, when Shannen was 21 years old she posed nude-but-covered-but-mostly-just-topless for Hef’s safe sex issue.

The March 1994 issue, which was dedicated to safe sex and the prevention of AIDS/HIV, featured a bevy of celebs who poses for the magazine free of charge. Instead of receiving a nifty check for showing their tits, Shannen and her co-horts donated the money that would have been paid by Playboy right into the loving arms of a charity.

I don’t remember the name of said charity and I’m too lazy to look it up, but if memory (and common sense) serves right, it was for the AIDS foundation-something-or-other.

Shannen Doherty’s shoot is pretty tame, but she had just come off her stint of playing a teenager in 90210 and you have to remember back in 1994 we didn’t have the celebrity nudity we have today. Tabloid mags existed back then, but there weren’t any paparazzi dedicated to the art of the upskirt and their certainly weren’t any blogs dedicated to your everyday nip slip.

In 1994, seeing Shannen Doherty’s boobs, as well as her nude-but-covered bod would have been awesome! Personally, I still find it awesome, but that might be because I enjoy ’90s nostalgia.

Notice how different the German cover is to the American cover?! I would have loved to see a Shannen Doherty photoshoot were she was all clad in leather and wielding a whip. Too bad she didn’t just run with the bossy reputation, she could have made millions playing the dominatrix.

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Image: Shannen Doherty by Michel Compte in Playboy

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  • Those Germans and their leather and whips. If they wanted to promote safe sex they should have packed each issue with a condom. Oh the outrage that would have caused back in the 90’s

  • Matthew Barrett

    she couldnt do a normal Playboy pic!!! witch so many actresses before her did!!LOL:)

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  • 321msb

    The outrage wouldn’t have been that huge. Back then there were big campaigns in Germany promoting safer sex and condoms, with many TV spots, condoms were distributed literally everywhere for free, etc.

    • True, I guess it depends where you live. There are some more conservative places than others. Around where I live, it’s pretty liberal and they would give out condoms at our high school.