Throw Back Thursday Nudity Edition: Stoya & Jesse Jane (2009)

Stoya and Jesse Jane are complete opposites when it comes to porn starlets. One is tall and pale with small tits and dark hair while the other is short and tanned with big fake tits and blonde hair. They were both contract stars for Digital Playground though, so for a while there they appeared in several scenes together.

I wonder if they got along or if they even liked each other?

According to this interview for Cheri Magazine where Jesse interviews Stoya they were the best of friends:

Hi guys! Jesse Jane here to interview the lovely, talented, and very horny Stoya. She’s sitting on my lap right now, kissing me softly on my neck, and trying to pull my CHERI tank top down so she can see my tits. Ooops, there they go. My tits are now exposed and Stoya is pinching my nipples. Now you stop that while I try to properly introduce you to your fans at CHERI Magazine, my favorite porn magazine!

Don’t just stare at the pictures, read the interview! When Stoya did that interview she was in the business for about a year and she talks about how on the set of Pirates II she got fingered by Manuel Ferrara and she fucked James Deen in the bathroom. The XXX world was much simpler back then, Manuel wasn’t married to Stoya’s best friend and James Deen, well, you all know what happened there.

How things change?!

Stoya would develop a much more complex public persona. When she did this interview she was miles away from the Stoya who is known as a writer and an intellectual driving force among the porn elite. Still hot though!

As for Jesse Jane, she’s no longer working for Digital Playground. The last I heard she signed a contract with Jules Jordan Video and she’s milking her brand like the porn goddess that she is. After 14 years in the biz Jesse’s brand is set in stone. She went into porn knowing what her brand would be and she’s acted in accordance with it ever since. She should teach classes on how to succeed in porn.

I’d take lessons from both of these beauties anyday of the week!

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  • dash56

    I wanna be a brand. What kinda brand would I be? Probably a muffin. HaHa get it?
    Puns for days.


  • I remember when Jesse Jane was first starting out and it doesn’t seem like it was 14 years ago

    • You’re old! We’re all old! Time is the great equalizer? Destroyer?


        • SO AM I. SHUT UP!

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