Throwback Thursday Nudity Edition: Rosanna Arquette (1990)

by Lola Byrd on August 14, 2014

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Rosanna Arquette was quite the hot dish in the ’90s. She has the quirky face that’s beautiful, but not, and a killer body that she doesn’t mind showing off. I wasn’t surprised when I found a 1990 Playboy spread featuring the actress frolicking in the waves.

After digging a little deeper, however, I was shocked to find out there was big ol’ celebrity scandal surrounding the publication of the pics.

Apparently, Rosanna Arquette was doing a photoshoot on the beach for Traveller magazine and her bathing suit keet coming off because of the waves, so at one point she just took it off and professional photographer Burt Stern continued taking some pics:

“I was in a bathing suit in Florida with Burt Stern, the great photographer who shot Marilyn Monroe on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked a joint and the bathing suit kept coming off in the water and I just ripped it off and was very comfortable with being naked.”

Thing is, she had no idea those nude pics would ever see the light of day let alone in Playboy. Rosanna was on her way home from Disney World where she spent some time with then boyfriend Peper Gabriel and his young kids when she (or rather, they) came across a copy of the magazine with Rosanna on the cover:

“Suddenly I’m, like, there on the cover… It was in the stands. I had no idea. The relationship broke up right after that, not because of that.”

It royally sucks that they didn’t ask permission and that she had to find out that, but mostly Rosanna seems upset over the quality of the pictures:

“If anything, they’re not even great photographs, they’re ugly photographs. They stenciled the Playboy bunny on my T-shirt…so we sued them.”

I like the set, because it does look like she’s just having fun in the waves, but I can understand why she’s pissed. Hell, I get super annoyed when someone tags me in a shitty picture on Facebook, I can’t imagine the level of mortification if that happened to me with Playboy.

Check out some of her hottest nude scenes:

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