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by MB on March 27, 2013

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Hello listeners and thanks for joining us for another installment here on Peeperz Radio! Our guest is a very bright and talented performer who is amassing an impressive career brimming with top notch performances. She beautiful, extremely talented, she’s Tiffany Tyler!

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Tiffany Tyler was born in Sacramento, CA. She was a straight A student and an avid horseback rider. Although she still loves to ride horses when she was 16 she begin to find other things to ride. When Tyler hit her college years she moved to Chico and attended Chico State, a school internationally known typically for its parties rather than its scholastic opportunities.

When Tiffany got to Chico she realized she couldn’t afford her dorm room fees so tried her hand at exotic dancing for a few nights. She made such good money she decided it was a good gig for her. Incidentally Tiffany had turned 18 just a scant 3 days earlier.

When Tiffany was 22 she landed a job at a real-estate investment firm but she continued to moonlight secretly as an exotic dancer at night. Eventually this dual life became too cumbersome and she devoted herself to dancing full time. She had a roommate at the time that also danced with her and they began making trips to San Francisco to dance (the money is better there).

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One day her roommate announced she wasn’t coming back from San Fran and Tiffany was left with a decision. She decided when all else fails, its a good idea to move to the beach and she did. Tiffany relocated to sunny Hermosa Beach, CA. She posted a profile of herself on a popular  modeling website and was contacted by an agent in the adult industry.

Her first adult film shoot soon followed for the folks over at Danni’s Hardrive.

Tiffany tells MB in steamy graphic detail about her fantasy scene involving Bailey Blue and knot tying (It’s not what you think) She discusses her relationship with male performer Alan Stafford, her upcoming website launch as well as her plans for the future.

You cannot help but notice how bright Tiffany is and in combination with her genuine love and enthusiasm for her work she is destined to have a long and successful career. We look forward to watching it unfold. So tune in, get turned on and tie on Tiffany Tyler!

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