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by Joy Topaz on October 5, 2010

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It’s no secret that we have a soft (hard?) spot for vintage porn. Ever since we wrote our ode to Kay Parker we couldn’t stop thinking about all of those other 70’s pornstars that we know and occasionally self-love with.

Looking back on the pornstars from yesteryear has given us a new appreciation for them. It was a time when great tits were just that, great tits. There were no silicone/saline bags to deal with, no scars to hide, no bursting/shifting/hardening/rupturing/deflating to worry about. The men could naturally fuck like all stars. There was no aid of Viagra or Cialis to fall back on.

Who were the best of the natural 70’s best? We rolled up our sleeves and began sleuthing. Hours and one sprained wrist later we have the, in no specific order, top 10 list.


10. John Holmes


John Holmes was the best known male pornstar of the 70’s and early 80’s. His name has gone down in infamy.  Not only did John reportedly have a 10 inch long dick, he was one of the most prolific pornstars of his time, appearing in over 2,500 porn shoots. His career took a turn for the worse as his cocaine habit took over making him impossible to work with. Holmes was charged and then released in the Wonderland murders in 1981. To make matters worse, after testing positive for HIV, Holmes continued working in porn. He died at the age of 43.

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9. Kay Parker

( 1944- ?)

Kay Parker was the quintessential MILF before there were MILF’s. Kay was best known for the incestuous mother, Barbara Scott, she played in the Taboo series.  Ever notice Kay’s front tooth? She claims that during her first porn shoot with Joey Silvera, the sex became so energetic that she chipped her tooth. Kay is now a New Age metaphysical counsellor, lecturer and author. In case you’re wondering, she’s still fucking hot.

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8. Ron Jeremy

(1953 – ?)

Probably the most famous pornstar of all time, at 57-years-old Ron Jeremy and his 9.75 inch cock are still going strong. Teacher, pornstar, actor, rapper, lecturer and proponent of porn and free speech, you may be asking yourself, What can’t this man do? The answer is nothing. Ron Jeremy can even autofellate. He is a God. A hairy, hobbit like god.

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7. Marilyn Chambers


Marilyn Chambers starred in the porn classic Behind the Green Door. But before that she posed as the wholesome young mother on a box of Ivory Snow laundry detergent. The perfect dichotomy of girl next door and ravenous slut, Marilyn made the perfect crossover star. A pioneer, Marilyn went back and forth between small mainstream roles and adult movies and later dipped her toe into politics.

“I have to say that the adult films have been a total pleasure,” she said. “They were like getting paid to live out my greatest fantasies. The rest of the stuff … sometimes got to be a real grind.”

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6. Juliet Anderson (Aunt Peg)


Juliet Anderson didn’t enter the world of porn until the ripe age of 39, nearly unheard of today. She got her nickname ‘Aunt Peg’ when she portrayed a woman who seduced a niece who calls out, “Oh! Aunt Peg!” Juliet said she never faked an orgasm in her life, including those captured on screen. She continued to keep a hand in porn until she passed away, along with working as a relationship counsellor and massage therapist.

Golden Age Of Porn: Aunt Peg brought to you by PornHub


5. Linda Lovelace


Most know that Linda Lovelace skyrocketed to fame with the release of 1972 Deep Throat. But Linda was a confused and tragic figure. Depending on the interview Linda flipped from strong independent woman, to drug addict to victim to born again Christian. As fans we’ll never know the true story. All we know is that Linda was the first household name in porn and for that we’re forever grateful.


4. Vanessa Del Rio

(1952 – ?)

Of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, Vanessa Del Rio was the first big name Latina of porn. She embodied an over the top, big boobs, big hips, larger than life lust that was in direct opposition to the girl next door pornstars of the time. She appeared in music videos and TV shows as herself and managed a career spanning over 25 years.

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3. Bambi Woods


Who hasn’t heard of Debbie Does Dallas? Bambi Woods played the high school cheerleader who had to suck and fuck her way to the ‘Texas Cowgirls’ tryouts. In real life Bambi tried out for the Dallas Cowboys but didn’t make the cut. Bambi didn’t have a long career, appearing in only a few porn movies. No one knows what happened to Bambi after she left the business. Some say she died of AIDS, others of a drug overdose. An investigator claims he received a letter from Bambi who says she became an anonymous stay at home mom.


2. Georgina Spelvin


Georgette Spelvin is a fictional name actor’s use when they don’t want their name to appear as a credit. Georgina was involved in mainstream acting and stage productions well before her turn to porn. It took until her mid thirties, broke and with an alcohol problem to finally make the leap. Georgina had originally signed on to cook for the cast and crew of the porn classic The Devil in Miss Jones. She soon found herself in the starring role of a ground breaking adult film.


1. Seka

(1954 – ?)

Tying as a personal favourite with Kay Parker is Seka. So what better way to acknowledge that than with a video of the two? We like to think Seka had something to do with the blonde bombshell trend that we saw later on in porn. Seka was a beauty pageant winner before she devoted herself to porn. Her perfect tits and good looks kept her a fan favourite until now and will definitely keep us all happily masturbating for many days to come. God, we love this woman.

  • Gus

    Seka, Desiree Cousteau(though she wasn’t mentioned, She DID get her start in the late seventies, and was the first to win best actress honors in an adult film, Pretty Peaches!) and Marilyn Chambers were the first pornstars i ever saw and effectively corrupted my youth! Too bad Bambi Woods left after she finished the DDD series, She was without a doubt one of the hottest blondes in porn history with a fine body to match! Ah! Glory Days!

  • steve

    annie sprinkle should be up there

  • shemale_dan

    Kay Parker… then some other people after that.

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