Top 10 80’s Pornstars

Yesterday we brought you the top ten ponstars of the 70’s (a period we’re incredibly nostalgic for) so today we scoured our porn collection for the top ten pornstars of the 80’s. In a time of blonde haired excess, it was interesting to see who came out on top. There are the usual names that we couldn’t forget like Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn but there were a couple of mold breakers during this time too like part Cherokee Hypatia Lee and one of the first popular spinners, Nikki Charms.

And in no particular order, here we go…


10. Hyapatia Lee

(1960 – ?)

One quarter Cherokee, Hyapatia Lee was the first Native American in porn. During her years in the industry this gorgeous woman was one of the most prolific pornstars of the time. Hyapatia retired in 1991 due to the AIDS scare. She became a part of an ardent STI and HIV awareness group, meeting with directors and companies, asking for mandatory condom use in porn. Later on, Hyapatia distanced herself from the adult world focusing on music and acting.

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9. Nina Hartley

(1959 – ?)

What would the 80’s be without Nina Hartley? Director, sex educator, feminist, and author, this is one woman who has delved into the world of sex.  At the age of 51, Hartley still appears in porn scenes, she has a line of sex instructional videos and answers sex advice columns and podcasts.

“Sex isn’t something men do to you. It isn’t something men get out of you. Sex is something you dive into with gusto and like it every bit as much as he does.”

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8. Ginger Lynn

(1962 – ?)

Ginger Lynn is considered one of the greatest pornstars of all time, not just the 80’s. She was the first Vivid Entertainment contract girl and one of the few pornstars who often performed anal and DP (ahh, the old days). Ginger spent nearly five months in jail for falsifying a tax return. Today the blonde bombshell dabbles in porn but focuses on her mainstream career.

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7. Christy Canyon

(1966 – ?)

Christy Canyon was well  known for her stunning 36DD breasts, which if you’re wondering, are still stunning. Christy filmed over 200 adult films and is also considered in the top 25 pornstars of all time. This  AVN Hall of Famer also appeared as a judge on Jenna’s (Jameson) American Sex Star. Currently she is a host on Sirius Satellite Playboy Radio.

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6. Peter North
(1957 – ?)

Canadian born, Peter North, is best known for his incomparable ability to shoot giant loads. And he’s still shooting them today. Fun fact: Peter hates having his hair touched during sex as it makes him lose his concentration.

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5. Traci Lords
(1968 – )

Most everyone knows the story behind Traci Lords. At the very underage of 16 she appeared in her first porn film using a fake ID. She continued to make nearly 100 movies with only one shot when she was 18. Authorities found she was underage for most of her career and launched an investigation that cost the industry millions. Traci wrote a book of her life which wasn’t appreciated by her peers. Christy Canyon said, “I think her book could have been fabulous, except that she was lying throughout the whole thing.” Traci went on to star in bit mainstream and B movie parts. She also came out with an album.

4. Amber Lynn
(1963 – ?)

Amber Lynn followed in the gooey footstep of friend, Ginger Lynn in 1984. Her first blowjob ever happened on the set of “Personal Touch III”, her first porn shoot. Amber’s brother, Buck Adams, was also a porn actor. They kept their relationship secret until they found themselves scheduled to work together. Amber took time off from the industry to focus on feature dancing in Canada until she moved back to LA. In 2000 she filmed her first DP scene and loved it.

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3. Lisa De Leeuw
(1958 – ?)

Lisa De Leeuw was a buxom redhead and freckled porn star which was in direct opposition to the tanned blondes that were the norm of the time. Rumors still swirl around the ginger’s leave of the industry and her possible death from AIDS. But according to porn producer David Jennings, she is still ‘alive and healthy.’

2. Honey Wilder
(1950 – ?)

Honey Wilder was the Kay Parker of the 80’s. She usually played MILF’s who were intent on seducing much younger men. And like Kay, Honey appeared in the later Taboo series films. Honey’s Texan accent landed her in roles where she plays the slutty country girl. We can’t seem to find much information on her once she left the business.

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1. Nikki Charm
(1966 – ?)

Nikki Charms young, girl next door looks helped make her name in the adult world but it also put her under FBI investigation in 1986 when it was discovered that Traci Lords was working underage. The FBI requested birth records to confirm Nikki’s age. Nikki gave up porn in 1990 to become a featured dancer but made a brief reappearance in 1999. In October of 2002 Nikki was charged with several counts of burglary and grand theft auto. She served five years in prison.

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  • udob

    Traci Lords was also the main star in several action movies and had lots of TV work, including great recurring roles in Profiler and First Wave. She is still acting in several movies a year.

  • Katanijut

    paula price ?

    • Gus

      Paula Price was plenty hot! But really her heyday was mostly during the early 90’s.

  • These were the years when I came to adore the direction porn was going since “Deep Throat.”

  • Joey Spagna Mineola

    I want to lick Nina’s dirty hiney for 45556 hours and then eat her pussy for 45 minutes.

  • Gus

    What about Kristara Barrington? Hands down the greatest Asian pornstar of the 80’s(Korean American born)she still to this day has a rabid fan club and her vids dissappear quick when anything new with her pops up! This list is almost meaningless without her! (though i give them credit for Traci Lords, dispite her duplicity she should be mentioned, She was Nuclear power hot in her scenes!)

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