Top 10: GIFs Of Women Sucking On Fingers Because It’s Hot AF!

by Lola Byrd on August 14, 2017

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Women sucking on fingers, their own or other people’s, is super fucking hot! A psych grad should really try to investigate why finger sucking is such a turn on. I’m sure it would make for an interesting thesis. You know, something or other about the id and the ego. Throw an oral fixation in there and we’re all set.

I’ve read that this whole finger sucking thing is meant to foreshadow downstairs business, but that seems too obvious of an explanation for me. I need something deeper… with more meaning… with more flavor. Yup, flavor. If a lady sucks on a finger after it’s been inside of her, you know, to get a little taste, we’re talking serious business here. I’m going to jizz in my pants just thinking about it kind of serious business.

Consider this, there’s also the fact that it just fucking feels good. The first time I sucked on a dude’s finger it’s because he was tracing my lips with the tip of his index. Sucking on it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. I was not wrong. Hello, boner city!


This is the good stuff.


What is this? Who is this? Why don’t I already know this information?


He’s her dentist… checking for stuff.


Is this Lana Del Ray? It looks like her.


Haha, it looks like she’s manually pushing her tongue back in.


Lost Girl. 


Brunettes win at everything.






The GIF that launches a thousand ships.

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  • Bey Ship

    #9 starred in the original British version of Skins, and her name is Kaya Scodelario:

  • I think it’s a double thing. It looks like sucking on a ding dong and it’s sticking things in a wet hole.

    • Ah yes, I forgot about the sticking the things in a wet hole angle.

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