Top 10: Superbad Vulva Tattoos

by Lola Byrd on November 21, 2011

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Nothing says classy like a tat on your vulva. Forget the tramp stamp, this is the new way to go. Of course, showing it off in public might be problematic, but you can always start hanging out in nudist colonies for maximum exposure…or wear see through pants…or chaps… I don’t know, you figure it out, you’re the nut-ball that got a scary tat on your vag.

10. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies have to be the most common tattoo for chicks, but I’m guessing most of them don’t get them tattooed on their vulva. Although, this particular chick’s labia doesn’t kind of  look like a caterpillar (I mean that as a compliment).

9. Kitty Vagina

It’s the bow tie that really makes this a work of art for me. Sure, kitty, pussy, cat…makes sense for a vulva tattoo, but without the bow tie it would just be too obvious. At least this woman tattoo marks the spot for her clit, in case you were lost down there.

8. Demon Monster Vag

There’s something wrong with that monster’s tongue. It looks split in the middle or something. Did he get in a tongue fight? I’m scared, mommy!

7. Homer Simpson Vagina Mouth

Homer Simpson’s five o’clock shadow never looked so good!

6. Hippie Dude Beard Vag

Perfect pube beard! I don’t know how I’d feel about munching down on this dude’s face though. On second though, I think I’d prefer chowing down on monster demon pussy.

5. Anatomically Correct Female Anatomy

Generations of teenagers would better understand sex ed if this tattooed lady was part of their educational material.

4. Fishy Vag

Clever, but does anyone really want to associate their vagina with fish? Uh, no! Unless you’re calling your pussy a peachfish (Tom Robbins fans say “Yay”) because that’s just cute.

3. Baby Vulva

Really? I mean, really? Come on this is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s scary enough to fuck a pregnant lady when you’re afraid of poking something you shouldn’t (that’s impossible by the way), but to insert your penis or whatever into something made to look like a baby gives a whole new meaning to border-line pedophilia. I like my pussy grown up, but that’s just me.

2. Mario Brothers Pipe Vulva

This one actually speaks to the geek in me. Love it! My favorite video game ever!  I wonder if she mimics the mario bros soundtrack ever time someone enters her tunnel. That would be awesome!

1. Homer Simpson Ass Vag Combo

Homer Simpson is a popular dude when it come to nether regions tattoos. I guess, he just has one of those faces… you know the kind, he’s got an ear for assholes and the perfect mouth for pussy.


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