Top 5: Amateur Anal Videos

by Bucky Beall on January 25, 2011

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Come one baby, you’ll like it, I’ll like it, I will really, really, really, like it. You will too, promise

Ewww gross…. not there,  you can’t put in my dirty place, you just want to do it because you see it in all those internet pornos

Baby, everyone’s doing it now, they’ve done studies that show everybody is doing it.”

I don’t know….

How about we watch these clips of amateur couples ass fucking, they’re not pornstars and they’re loving it! It’ll put your mind at ease and put you in the mood

5. I love this vid because it’s very real but the couple can fuck like pornstars! The chick just takes that cock in her ass, and takes it, and takes it…

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4. This is what dirty sex is supposed to be. I love how the woman can feel the pressure of the dick up her ass, you can see it on her face…but she also loves it and gives out little whimpers of pleasure.

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3. I put this one in for some variety – I know some love watching footage of chicks jilling off but I’ve never been a fan…that is until I saw this homemade flick of  a big tittied girl getting herself off with an assist from some self administered ass action.

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2. This ending is the best.

Amateur Gets ass fucked and cum in the eye. brought to you by PornHub

1. This is one of my fave amateur scenes…. ever! In any category. The girl is crazy hot, if I saw this couple on the street I’d challenge the dude to a duel for her affections. The sex is everything good about fucking, they manage to be loving while still being goddamn filthy.

Amateur Anal Sex In The Bed Room brought to you by PornHub

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