Top 5: Celebrity Sex Tapes

by Bucky Beall on January 31, 2011

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In honor of the Tila Tequila threeway lesbian sex tape, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 celebrity sex tapes from the Pornhub network.

5. Tila Tequlia Strip Tease

Before the dykeout tape came out today, if we wanted to jack it to Tila Tequila we had to get by on this webcam strip footage of her….. There! I’ve mentioned her in two posts today without bringing up that time she performed topless at the gathering of juggalos and the audience threw human feces at her…I’m tempted to put that tape up instead but it’s nothing to wank to…..unless you’re into that kind of stuff…..

Tila Tequila Live Strip brought to you by PornHub

4. Carmen Electra’s Lesbian Shenanigans

Okay it’s pretty softcore, it’s a drunk Carmen who briefly makes out some chick…but it’s Carmen Electra making out with a chick, what else do you need!!!!!

Carmen Electras Lesbian Sex Tape brought to you by PornHub

3. Meg White Sex Tape

Some have debated if this is her but as we discussed before, it does seem to be drummer Meg White getting drummed hard…er pounded like a bass drum…er sorry end of the day…I’ll try to think of a better joke later and edit it in. I love her and her music and I show my love by posting her rutting video and by making rude jokes….THIS IS HOW I LOVE!!!!!

White Stripe drummer gets fucked brought to you by

2. The Paris Hilton Sex Tape

The best know tape of this century and of my generation. Still a classic. I hate Paris Hilton so much you have no idea how much I’ve used this vid to hate-wank to her.

The Famous Paris Hilton Sex Tape brought to you by

1. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

You already knew this would be number 1 didn’t you? The most famous sex tape ever made, it basically invented celebrity sex tapes.

Pamela sucks on the Tommygun! brought to you by

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