Top 5: Dirty Gifs To Celebrate Gifs Taking Over The Net

by Bucky Beall on November 21, 2012

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Animated gifs, those repeating snippets of a video clip, ruled the net in the 1990s before streaming video was really a thing. You’d think they’d fade away but instead they’re growing in popularity, in fact Pornhub has porno gifs now. And the Oxford American Dictionary has just announced that gif is the word of the year for 2012!

I can only assume this explosion of popularity of gifs has to do with our semi-regular Peeperz series of posts where we round up the hottest, dirtiest, and fucked up porn and sex gifs. We’re trend setters. To celebrate gifs taking over the net here’s our newest Top Five list, if you see any we should post up in a future installment link us up in the comments:

This dancing dude should be in the background of EVERY porno.


Even though its been years now I’m still pretty bummed Rachel Rotten is retired from the Adult Biz.


I miss Riley Mason too, don’t think I’m really into this though…

Fucked up porn is nothing new.



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