Top 5: Fave Hollywood Sex Scenes

by Bucky Beall on March 19, 2013

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It’s always different from person what turns them on, for this list we didn’t try to find the “best” celebrity sex scenes from that are on the Pornhub Network, instead we asked around the office and got a mix of people’s faves. Though we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy these vids and enjoy these famous actresses getting naked and simulating screw for you.

We’re also pretty sure this won’t be the first list of it’s kind so give us your suggestions in the comments for what should go into the next post of graphic sex scenes from movies and tv!

Kristen Stewart, On the Road:

She’s shedding her vampire tweeny roots with m-m-w threesomes and double handjobs. Power to her, I’ve always been wildly turned on by K-Stew, maybe I’m a lesbian in a man’s body?

Kristen Stewart – On the Road brought to you by PornHub

Angelina Jolie, Gia

Angie Jolie dyking out should make quite a few of you quite happy.

Angelina Jolie – Gia powered by YouPorn.

Paz de la Huerta, Boardwalk Empire

Don’t look at the weird face focus on the great tits and hairy bush. Her whiny “daaaaaaaaady” dirty talk isn’t even in the script, she just starts into her normal fuck routine as soon as her top comes off.

Paz de la Huerta – Boardwalk Empire powered by YouPorn.

Demi Moore, Striptease

If you’re wondering why people care about that strange drug addict MILF who hangs out with Ashton Kutcher this is why:

Demi Moore – Striptease powered by YouPorn.

Lucy Lawless, Spartacus

Talking about MILFs, Lucy Lawless is like a fine wine – I want to drink her all up, throw up on myself, and plow that 18 year old I just convinced to drink the other bottle of wine…no wait I’m mixing up my metaphors, she’s like a fine wine, getting better with age, check that bod:

Lucy Lawless – Spartacus brought to you by PornHub

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