Top 5: Fuckable Superhero Babes

by Lola Byrd on June 3, 2011

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There’s nothing like a chick who can kick ass to get your blood flowing south, and since Hollywood has picked up the superhero movie bug, there are many hot babes to choose from. Unfortunately most of the chicks in superhero movies tend to be the girlfriend or love interest of the superhero: Natalie Portman in Thor, Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman, etc. Personally, I prefer my dames to be super bad and clad in latex.

This list of  super hot superhero babes could have been very very long, but I think I did a pretty fair assessment in choosing five of the most fuckable superhero babes. For the record, I didn’t include Mystique because she already made the Top 5: Sexiest Monster Lovers list and I’m not a fan of redundancy. Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux, and Mila Jovovich as Ultraviolet deserve an honorable mention… I’m sure some of you will disagree with my choices, feel free to nominate your favorites in the comment section.

5. Jennifer Garner as Elektra – Elektra & Daredevil

This movie sucked, well Elektra sucked a little less than Daredevil, which really isn’t saying much, but damn, Jennifer Garner is hot!

4. Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman – Fantastic Four

The only bad thing about the Invisible Woman is that you can’t see Jessica Alba’s luscious curves when she uses her super power.

3. Scarlette Johansson as Black Widow Iron Man II

Scarlett Johansson is so hot, I’m not sure if I’d rather be her or do her.

2. Halle Berry as Catwoman – Catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer is actually my favourite Catwoman, but I figured someone would kill me if I didn’t include Halle Berry in this list. This movie sucked balls, worse than Elektra & Daredevil combined, but holy hell, cat scratch fever, baby!

1. Carla Gugino as Silk Spector & Malin Akerman as the Silk Spectre II – Watchmen

Who doesn’t love a mother and daugther team? If you answered that in the negative, there’s something wrong with you. Malin Akerman who plays the daughter in this tag team is set to play Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic, and Carla Gugino who plays the mom is still one hot piece of ass. Did you see her in Sin City? Sizzlin’!

  • ActuallyAttractiveGeek

    pshhh Scarlett should be #1, and I forgot about Malin Akerman but yes she should definitely be up there as well.

    I realize this article came out on the same day X-Men: First Class was released…but January Jones as Emma Frost and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique should take the places of Jennifer Garner and Halle Barry.
    Just wait, if they make a Power Girl movie, it’s over. Whoever plays her will be the new #1…..most likely anyways.  OH and if anyone ever plays Harley Quinn, they too would be on my list.
    ….can you tell I like superheroes?  hah

    • Lola Byrd

      I’ll mak a top 5 part 2 list sometime in the future and consider your favs… Although Malin Akerman did make this list, sharing the spot for number one with Carla Gugino.

      I really didn’t like Halle Berry’s catwoman, but I figured I had to put her up there, since sooo many people like her in that cat suit.

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