Top 5: Haunting Craigslist’s Personal Ads, Los Angeles Edition!

by Lola Byrd on November 17, 2016

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Craigslist is full of creeps, but I came across the worst of the worst today. A guy in the casual encounters section offered free puppies in his headline, but it was a LIE. A LIE, I tell you. He’s so bad, he went beyiond haunting… I couldn’t even bring myself to include him in this top 5. *Shakes head* *Shudders*

5. Babysitter needed (rants & raves)


To me this just sounds like they’re having fun.

Maybe they just need another playmate.

4. any bros looking for a wingman to ganging/tagteam chicks (mm4w)


This guy probably voted for Trump. He is my living nightmare. His post reads like a training camp for rapists.

3. take a dumb in my mouth, then leave (w4m)


It was nice of this poster to include a visual. The potty chair really helps with the mental image.

2. Submissive slut looking to flee to Canada (m4w)


What with Trump winning the election a lot of people are looking to flee to Canada. If you’re a submissive slut that would like to go North, consider marrying this guy. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

1. I want to break in my New Truck (m4w)


Okay, this one is pretty normal, but the entire time I was prepping this post I thought it was “TRUNK.” I thought this guy wanted to lock a girl up in the trunk of his car and have her give him a blow job. It was hilarious and truly haunting for the better part of an hour, but it turns out I’m the hilarious one and apparently dislexic.

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