Top 5: Hidden Sex In Cartoons & Ads

Yesterday, we covered a newspaper word jumble puzzle that contained LEAKAGE BUTTSEX as the answer, in that post I got on a little rant about the crazies who see sexual imagery and content hidden in advertisement and cartoons – see there are many whackjobs out there, consisting mostly of superconservative evangelical religious types who believe there is a satanic conspiracy to corrupt our youth and the public at large by hiding sex in innocent media, hiding it so we’re brainwashed….. into loving sex.

Other nuttos, mostly on the left, claim big corporations hide sexxxy messages in their ads so that we subconsciously want to buy the crap they’re selling because we’re associating the crap with sex. It’s all just nonsense…..or is it…well it is… but people who work on ads and kid’s movies sometimes have dirty senses of humor, and sometimes they sneak in some sexual messages in as a dirty joke, check out our Top 5 list of the best examples below (you can click on the images for larger versions):

5. Little Mermaid Penis Castle

Here’s the first half of the cover for the box art for Disney’s The Little Mermaid home video release, looks innocent right? No problem? Well, concerned Christian groups collectively took a shit when they noticed this:

Yes, one of the buildings in the magic city behind them looks like a dick…and yes it is deliberate, sort of…one of the cover artists put it in as a gag assuming his bosses would spot it and take it out before it was published, they didn’t spot it and that’s the cover that was printed. The dick castle was later airbrushed out for further releases.

4. Skittles Sexplosion

I guess this could be a coincidence but my money’s on a smartass graphic designer.

3. Laid by the Best Flooring Ad

Ok, this yellow pages ad for a British flooring company has the slogan “Laid by the Best” but I don’t see anything else…however, when you turn the ad upside down you get this:

2. Coke Poster Hidden Blowjob

The image above was featured in a Coke poster campaign in Australia in the ’80s – after spending $200,000 distributing the posters around the country each one had to be recalled and destroyed. Why? Let’s take a closer look:

1. Disney’s The Rescuers’ Topless Woman

In the days before vhs and dvd, animator’s would often sneak in some adult humor into a frame or two of  footage to amuse themselves, after all it would be near impossible to spot in the movie theater. But now that we can take movies home and freeze frame them we can spot stuff like this:

That’s a topless woman in the window of a few frames of the Disney cartoon The Rescuers, when it made it to home video in the 1990s Disney recalled all the cassettes after the naked lady was spotted by some sharp eyed parents.