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by Jordan on October 30, 2010

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Last week there was a panty party and YOU were invited! Now for the continuation of the the party, with my top 5 list of more slutty panties videos. Time to take off your pants and jacket folks!

5. Panties Fetish
Nothing makes me want to fuck a guy more than when I catch him snooping around in my panty drawer….not really. Not only is this chick dating a creep but she has successfully dirtied ALL of her panties in one sitting, the bastard had better do laundry.

Aaralyn Barra: Panties Fetish brought to you by PornHub

4. Making Sure the Babysitter Is Mature Enough To Handle the Kids

Despite the fact that the babysitter is mildly retarded this is still a pretty hot vid. It reminds of the great beauty found in simplicity, like white cotton underwear for example. All in all this video teaches me A) simplicity = beauty and B) Sometimes it’s ok to fuck slightly retarded babysitters

Making sure the babysitter is mature enough to handle the kids brought to you by PornHub

3. Jana C Pantie Stuffer

This chick is so hot she makes anything look like a good idea. In this case shoving panties up one’s vagina….guess what has just been added to my “to do” list between “make dinner” and “change cat litter” tonight?? 😉

Jana Cova Panties Stuffing brought to you by PornHub

2. Kinky Pornstar Kelly Fingers Her Pussy and Ass While Wearing Panties

Imagine taking this chick home from a bar!! As soon as she gets turned on she mutates in some kind of jaw grinding, nostril flaring monster!!! Regardless of how strange Kelly gets when she’s horny she has taught me I never have to take off my underwear to masturbate again!

Kinky pornstar Kelly Wells fingers her pussy and ass while wearing panties brought to you by PornHub

1. Angela Shows Off Her Big Tits and Cookie Monster

The first time I saw this video I couldn’t get over how whacked this chick was. The second time I watched it I released she was high as a kite. The third time I watched this video I realized by reading the comments that she had died in 2006. What I DID notice all three times was the wide style and range of sexy undies there are, aptly fitting into my favorite list of pantilicious . Thank you Angela, RIP cookie monster.

Angela Devi shows off her big tits brought to you by PornHub

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