Top 5 List – Mainstream Crossover Pornstars

by Bucky Beall on October 19, 2010

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The line is blurring between the worlds of porn and “the mainstream”, (at Peeperz, they’re already blurred: we consider porn to be the most mainstream, amazing, healthy, entertaining, and awesome thing in the universe) porn performers have gained notice outside the world of fuckflicks since the 70’s, but now stars are becoming crossover celebrities more then ever. This list is our favorite 5 who are experiencing mainstream success.

5. Faye Reagan

Ok, this is sort of cheating, as Reagan is no household name yet, and she’s partly on the list due to Bucky’s ginger fetish – Faye Reagan can be spotted as a mainstream model (most famously for American Apparel) and as reported on Peeperz previously she stars in the short art film Compromise.

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4. Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow started acting in community theater as a 12 year old and then got into porn through nude modeling. She’s returned to acting with cameos in the movies Superbad and The Rules of Attraction. She’s also recently worked in the most glamorous of all professions: Porn Blogger/Journalist.

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3. Jenna Jameson

Still one of the world’s best know pornstars, stop anyone on the street and ask them to name a pornstar and I guarantee they’ll shoot out Jenna’s name. She has her own reality show, guest stars on sitcoms, and voices characters in video games. She also has her own comic book Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter where she appears as a demon fighting super-heroine. To me, she’ll always be the chick I jerked off to in high school….oh young love.

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2. Sasha Grey

Entourage! Playboy!! The Girlfriend Experience!!! Electrorock!!!! Horror Movies!!!!! I can’t escape her. Sasha Grey is  everywhere. She also takes it in every orifice on film for a living – if she keeps up with all the other stuff, people are going to start forgetting she’s a pornstar.

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1. Traci Lords

Some consider Traci Lords one of the first crossover success. She took acting lessons at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, and she’s appeared in dozens of movies and tv shows. Some of her tv credits include Will & Grace, Melrose Place, and Roseanne. You’ve seen her movies like Blade, Serial Mom, and  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell . She makes music too!

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