Top 5 List: The Strange World Of Homemade Sex Toys

by Bucky Beall on November 2, 2010

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All you sex toy lovers out there have lots of options, there’s a huge variety of devices available and they’re easy to come by – you can buy a fancy sex toy from your local sex store or online at the Porn Hub Sex Toy Store. But where’s the fun in that? You have a garage and tools and you like a challenge. Why not make your own? There’s a huge subculture of people who make their own sex toys, some of which are a little bit odd – this top 5 list examines some of the strange world of  homemade pleasure devices.

5. Vegetable Dildos and Buttplugs

I was always told I need vegetables everyday, I don’t think my mom meant this. This is the low tech and fast solution, all you need is the proper vegetable and a carving knife and you have yourself a dildo or buttplug.

4. Do-It-Yourself Fleshlight

I know you all know about the Fleshlight – the pocket pussy disguised as a flash light – why spend all those tens of dollars buying one when you can make it yourself.!? The gist of making one  is a glass, a stick, cornstarch, and water! Mix the corstarch and water and put the stick in to make the hole. Let it dry and take the stick out. Amazing! Hollow out an old flashlight and add it in and you’re ready to go

3. The Prison Fifi

The classic do-it-yourself for doing-it-to-yourself is a the fifi. Invented in prison, this simple hand’s free device gets you through to the next conjugal visit. Stuff an old sock in a toilet paper tube and then add some hand-cream (or toothpaste if the warden is stingy) then wedge the tube between the the mattress and go to her.

2.  Powertool Sex Toys

Buy a cheap dildo or make one from a vegetable, and put it on the end of powerdrill. There, you just created an unbelievably powerful sextoy. Be careful though! Last year an unnamed Maryland women ended up in the hospital after creating a sex toy from a powersaw with a plastic dong attached on the end.  Her husband used the device on her but the saw cut through the dong and into the women.

1. Homemade Sex Doll

A good, solid, sex doll, of the non-inflatable kind can not only run you not only hundreds but even thousands of dollars. The geniuses at Home Made Sex Toys have instructions to make your own with a mannequin and a list of individual toys that you add on. Just buy the pussy, the sucking mouth, the tits, and everything else separately and install. There’s only one problem….the end result is terrifying and I would rather cut off my own dick then put it in that nightmare.

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