Top 5 List: Things To Stick Your Dick In

by Bucky Beall on November 3, 2010

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Here at Peeperz we always listen to you, the readers and fans. Last night we got the following email:

From:  Redacted

Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 8:07 PM


Subject: Top 5

Top things to stick your dick in not including a female hole.


Anytime any of you have a story idea we’ll do our best to get it to the blog. So by request, today’s top 5 list is things to stick your dick in (not including a female hole).

5. Panties

Roll up a pair of panties, preferably previously worn by some hot bitch, and stick your cock on in. Or unroll the panties and give yourself a panty job. Or better yet get your women to take off her panties and give you a pj.

Pov panty blowjob delight! brought to you by PornHub

4. Vacuum Cleaner

This is surprisingly popular. Michigan’s Jason Leroy Savage was sentenced to 90 days in jail after being caught making love to a car wash vacuum, and a man in London lost his job cleaning a hospital by night when a security guard discovered him fucking his vacuum cleaner. If you care to see such a thing, here’s a video of someone performing the act.

3. A Pillow

A hit in prison and among teenage boys. Stack some pillows and screw the space between them or between the pillows and the mattress.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon’s perfect:

– it’s big enough to take the whole cock and to get a good grip on

– it’s firmness allows it to take a hard fuck, but it’s juicy and soft enough that the dick feels good going into it

1. Pocket Pussy

In pioneer times lonely trappers and frontiersmen would get over the lack of available women by making pocket pussies out of fur and animal hide. Back then, it was a crime to steal another man’s pocket pussy and gun fights were fought over such thefts. We’ve come along way with our portable vagina simulators and some of them feel pretty amazing. Right now, the best known variation on the pocket pussy is the fleshlight, the snatch hidden in a flashlight enclosure. Enjoy this video where Sasha Grey and  Rebeca Linares experiment with some fleshlights on some more than willing test subjects.

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