Top 5: Pornstars Before They Had Plastic Surgery

by Jordan on November 21, 2010

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While money can’t buy happiness (or so they say) it CAN certainly buy a tighter, tauter, fuller career. Though this talent started in the industry on their own god given looks and charm it is evident they have done some upgrading along the way. Check out your favorite pornstars before they looked like pornstars in my top 5 list of pornstars before they had plastic surgery!

5. Pamela Anderson

Considering I was born in 86 and Pamela Anderson debuted in Playboy in 1989 a more natural Pam is foreign to me. Check out her out in her untouched glory in the video below….what’s that I sense, Innocence?? Yeah this shit’s gotta be old!

Best of Pamela Anderson brought to you by PornHub

4. Jenna Jameson

If you’ve read “How to make love like a Pornstar” or liked whacking off in the 90’s then you’re probably familiar with Jenna Jameson. Though she looks like a completely different person today lets all take a moment to reminisce…

Jenna Jameson Lesbian Pussy Licking brought to you by PornHub

3. Amber Lynn

This 80’s fox has blossomed into beautiful 10’s MILF with a little help of some $$$ and some magical procedures…..though she looks fairly different I’d still fuck her. I guess that was the look she was going for.

Amber Lynn And Shone Taylor Classic brought to you by PornHub

2. Sunrise Adams

This hottie has morphed her look from cute Reese Witherspoon – esque innocence to a big titty slut. Though I prefer her girl next door days in the video below you can decide what Sunrise you prefer for yourself

Tight teen Sunrise Adams sucks and gets assfucked brought to you by PornHub

5. Lela Star

My introduction to the gorgeous Lela was through her first interview with Peeperz. I was surprised by how much we have in common including, eating MacDonald’s and passing out, a love for oral sex and a hate on for Jenna Haze (not really). What we DON’T have in common is that I haven’t gotten a boob job, nose job and what looks to be botox and lip injections….yet!!

Lela Star Initiated Into Porn brought to you by PornHub

  • LatinBabeIndex

    Another name that should be on this list is Rebeca Linares. In my opinion, she was perfect “as is” and the boob job has not made her any more attractive. I prefer all natural.

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