Top 5: Puffy Nipple Videos

by Jordan on February 19, 2011

Nipples. Squish em’, pinch em’, twirl em’, suck em’ ……..trying to write an intro for this article seriously makes me shake my head at my getting a university degree. $30,000 later….anyway. If you like freaky ass nipples, or hot ones, puffy or freaky ones you will like and maybe even masturbate to these videos. Enjoy my list of the top 5 puffy nipple videos from the PornHub Network.

5. Have I ever told you I only date Women with nipples the size of dog kibble? Generally I am against boob jobs but not in this case.

My Bug Nipples brought to you by PornHub

4. Puffy nipple compilation time!! Bucky brags that his looks exactly like the girl at 6:12!!

Puffy Nipples brought to you by PornHub

3. I once heard that something like 2% of woman can have an orgasm just from playing with their nipples alone. This chick certainly looks like a contender.

Pregnant With Stringy Nipples brought to you by PornHub

2. Jada Fire is known for her squirting, feisty attitude and big ole areolas…..they look like cookies. Mmmmm cookies.

Big Nipple Jada Fire brought to you by PornHub

1. You like Latvian mail order bride? You look for wifes? You like my cousin, Magda, she loves many men and wheel loves you too.

Hot Argentinian Blonde With Puffy Nipples Gets Fucked brought to you by PornHub

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