Top 5: Radical Vaginal Insertion Videos

by Jordan on April 2, 2011

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When search under insertions on PornHub to things come to mind. One, why haven’t I stuck more interesting things up MY vagina recently and two, where are the videos of people fucking barbies (i.e. the most awesome looking vaginal insertion prop ever!)? Here’s my top 5 list of radical vaginal insertion videos:

5. Lorraine has a monster vag……like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

Busty big sized double dildo insertion brought to you by PornHub

4.When I found out Pornstar Nellie Hunter starts her mornings by pouring champagne on her ass too I was like ‘gurrrrrrrllllll’. I thought I was the only one.

Nellie Hunter, you are the hottest chick ever…. ever brought to you by PornHub

3. This is the best video I’ve seen all week. I didn’t realize mildly retarded crack heads were allowed to be porn. Not only does Krystal (with a K) insert a dirty old broom into her pussy (2:00) but also appears to have special ‘beauty marks’ on her pussy (3:40). The icing on cake is the giant cock tattoo on her ass at (52 seconds). Enjoy

Big Natural Krystal Needs A Bottle Of Wine brought to you by PornHub

2. I’m sorry….there is a LOT of things I could do with a straight face but fucking a vacuum is not one of them. How much does one get paid to fuck a vacuum?

Housework Can Be Fun! brought to you by PornHub

1. This girl clearly not concerned about safe sex. She has no idea whose hole this hotdog was in last night….did she even ask about its sexual history? I totally saw a wart on its lower region…

Bockwurst Fick brought to you by PornHub

  • je je je je je i love champage… je je je Goog pussy!

  • DonkeyPuncherrr

    Bitch in #3 is nassssssssssssttttttttttttyyyyyyyyy

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