Top 5: Remy Lacroix Hula Hooping GIFs To Start Your Week

by Lola Byrd on August 3, 2015

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James Deen likes to post pictures of the ladies he has sex with on his blog. It’s a thing. There are lots of holes involved. The other day, when I was creeping on there I came across a picture that reminded me how amazing Remy Lacroix is. I mean. Wow. The hula hooping pornstar is also a super cutie!

Just look at this picture of her lying on James Deen’s crotch:


Good God, man!

They should have more shots like this in porn. It’s so sweet and sexy. I love her freckles and her hazel eyes. Oh, and that half smile it’s like she’s seducing me right through the computer screen.

Remy Lacroix is more than just a sweet smile and amazing eyes, she also has an amazing ass. A feature that is often put in the limelight due to her hula hopping skills and tricks. It’s with that in mind that I put together this top 5 showing off her assets:



Knee high socks and a cute fleshy butt. Le sigh. I don’t know if it gets better than this…



It does get better, though. It does. Because at one point she takes off her cheeky thong and we get to see that jello jiggle.



Oh, oh, oh, and then there’s this amazing GIF which shows us that wonderful gap right under her round butt AND we get a cheeky smile at the same time.



If you stare at Remy’s oiled up ass long enough you get hypnotized. Fact.



The only thing that would make this GIF better is if Remy had pubes. I love looking at the spot between her legs where you can still see the roundness of her ass cheeks. Sha-wing.

Here’s a bonus video of Remy courtesy of Pornhub:

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