Top 5: Sex Toy Picks For Valentine’s Day!

by Lola Byrd on February 13, 2017

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means that post-Valentine’s Day is almost here when you can partake in all that sweet holiday chocolate for half the regular price. It’s a joyous day, but before we can start making lists of all the things we want to stuff in our face, let’s look at all the things we want to stuff in and on our genitals.

5. Automatic Lube Dispenser


Hey Epiphora is one of my favorite sex toy reviewers. Her word is gospel and she swears by this automatic lube dispenser. With this little gadget lube is integrated into sex seamlessly. Bygone are the days of clumsily riffling through your bedside table drawers when you want some lube.

More fun for all!

4. Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo


Wasn’t sure how this thing even worked, but then I saw this GIF and it all made sense.


To be honest that is not what I was imagining based on the promo pictures I saw. It’s a gay-brator! It’s an “oscillating, open design penis masturbator” with outside vibrations for the person you’re snuggling with. I’m intrigued.

3. Lelo Lyla 2


It’s a remote bullet. Great for fun times in a public setting with your lover! Clearly the Lelo Peepz had the same idea when it came to advertizing.

2. Lelo Tor 2


Lelo Tor 2 is a rechargeable cock ring that is by all accounts pretty intense. It has twice as much power at the original Tor and it has a completely waterproof finish.


It’s got good stretch too for people worrying about the comfort factor.

1. We-Vibe Rave 


The vibrations on this bad boy are great on your more sensitive areas and the curved shape is amazing for all your g-spot needs. It also has an app that doesn’t suck, so that’s a big selling point.

Image: Allie Haze

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  • That lube thing is just a soap dispenser. If I had known I could have filled an old soap bottle with lube and made money off of it I’d be rich

    • Too little too late.

      I wish I had become an inventor.

  • Zach Becvar

    That lube dispenser seems like it would be more messy. Unless you put a towel or something under it to catch the drips.

    • Apparently, it just squirts it in your hand and it’s all good. I can see how it could turn into a disaster real quick though.

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