Top 5: Sexy Tyler Shields Videos

I love Tyler Shields. He has a knack for taking really hot pics of young celebrities. Pictures where they are often covered in water, champagne, rum, blood and sweat while sometimes making out with each other. Oh ya, he also likes a little violence thrown into the mix. Like the bloody set of pictures featuring a fair skinned Lindsay Lohan covered in blood and wielding a gun (my favorite pics of her ever).

I mean, what’s not to love?

Good news is he also takes videos. Swoon.

5. Lindsay Lohan & Michael Trevino

Lindsay with fangs and a bloody mouth making out with Mike Trevino. Goddamn! Lilo might no longer have an acting career to speak of, but she sure as hell makes a good model. Really, we don’t need her to speak when she looks this hot.

4. Deborah Ann Woll

Speaking of fangs, you should know this sexy bloody gorgeous redhead plays a vampire on the hit TV show True Blood, and although I was a little skeptical when they first added her to the cast, the only way I could be more pleased now is if she started showing off a little more of that lily white skin of hers, but hot ass lingerie will do for now.

3. Sean Faris

I don’t even know who this dude is. Apparently he’s an actor or something, and in my opinion he kinda looks like a young Tom Cruise, but that doesn’t take away from the freakin’ hotness that is this make out session. I’m sure the look he gives the camera at the end as made many a lady weak in the knees. Oh ya, and that chick isn’t half bad either.

2. Zelda Williams & Colton Haynes

Who knew sucking on a giant ass needle could be so hot? Well, now we do. Now we do. Thanks for the lesson, Tyler Shields.

1. Love is Forever

I’m betting that guy, who ever the fuck he is, had a blast filming this video. Who needs love when you live in a mansion filled with beautiful women willing to do your bidding?

Special Bonus: Alison Brie

I love Alison Brie. She’s the cutest funniest thing to happen to the TV show Community. She comes off all shy brunette, but then she opens her sweet filthy mouth and you get a glimpse of her amazing rack and the nest thing you know you’ve just fallen in love.

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