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by Bucky Beall on February 3, 2011

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We have weekly pornstar interviews here on the site where you the reader can submit questions, this was one of the questions that someone put in:

Titfuck – pleasurable or waste of time?

A good question and it got me thinking….about titty fucking. And once I started thinking about sticking my dick between some boobs I wanted to do it right away –  I went to interrupt my  Latvian mail-order bride from her typical day of housework and mixing me martinis, but it seems she got scared of the noise from turning on the vacuum again (they don’t have vacuums…..or electricity…or carpets…or indoor flooring where she’s from) and is stuck under the couch where she went to hide, so instead of making love to her breasts I did the next best thing and hit up the Pornhub Network. Here’s a list of the top 5 tit fuck videos that I discovered.


Amateur Gets Her Titties Fucked brought to you by PornHub

“Doctor, give me new boobies made to be perfect for tit fucking!”


Kinky masked wife virtual tittyfuck brought to you by PornHub

Maybe it’s because I’m around porn 24/7 but I mostly blow my load to the the homemade stuff nowadays. Like this videe… those perky breasts, the kinky mask…This evening I’m putting this video on a repeat loop and watching it all night instead of sleeping.


Sucking and titfucking double dildo brought to you by PornHub

I always throw a curve ball in these porn lists, this is that curve ball.


Titfucking…’s all I can see…filling up the whole screen…filling up my whole life…..


Gianna Michaels Tittyfuck By The Pool brought to you by PornHub

This video is the last straw, I’m getting the broom and getting the wife I purchased out from under the sofa.

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