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by Bucky Beall on March 1, 2011

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If it seems like we’re obsessed with Tori Black…it’s because we are, and if you appreciate fine women than you are too (or soon will be). As I’m an old, creepy, dried up, troll of a hunchback –  it gives me a seizure to think this lady was only born in 1988…. but she’s already starred in over 200 scenes….each one gold, they sure as hell don’t give her those AVN awards for juggling or oil painting.  If you’re tired of watching pornstars just going through the motions, if you’re tired of some stoned starlet just laying there and getting fucked to get her paycheck… than pop on anything with Tori Black…

She is passion.

She is sex.

Here’s our top 5 videos from the PornHub Network:


Tori Black gets her ass smacked brought to you by PornHub

Charlie Sheen is  fucking Bree Olson while Bucky Beall is fucking a whole in the wall he lubricated with rancid butter…. Life is not fair.  But whenever Bucky can bring back enough empty beer cans to get enough money to pay his electric bill, he puts this movie on to go to his happy place and make his life tolerable for 7 minutes.


Sexy teen brunette loves that cock brought to you by

Tori Black in pigtails in innocent but dirty teen mode. Bucky was a virgin until he was 26, which was the age he had finally refunded enough tin cans collected from his neighbor’s recycling to buy his first Latvian mail-order bride (which was only $36.00 without the extended warranty). He never had sex as a teen, so this is how he recaptures his youth.


Hot Lisa Ann teaches Slutty Tori Black a lesson for being late brought to you by PornHub

Tori Black and Lisa Ann! Together!! Be still my beating penis.


Tori Black Seduces Faye Into Lesbian Sex brought to you by PornHub

I don’t want to OD on the lesbo videos but it would be a war crime if I didn’t put this vid in…as it’s with Faye Reagan, I know I write a lot about how much I love pornstars…because I do…but I LOVE Faye Reagan, in a way that you will never understand…I mail her a letter wrapped in my cum stained underwear everyday, I  just assume she’s been too busy to write back to me….


Tori Black & The Magic Holes brought to you by

I usually try to keep the videos on these lists brief…but there’s a story behind this one. PornHub’s Twitter queen Jordan sent me this one, and she told me if I used this glory hole at this bar she knew, that maybe Tori Black would be on the other side….When I tried it out I had to tell myself that Tori Black must have grown a beard….

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