Top 5: Wedding Videos

While I’ve never been married I can still appreciate the excitement of precious wedding porn. I’ve searched for days and found you the best, and worst from Pornhub’s wedding vault for my list of top 5 wedding videos. Sit back, get comfy, and prepare to be amazed!

1.Titney Spears In The Wedding Music Video

After watching this I have decided that EVERY porno should have a music video at the beginning of it. I’m fairly sure the male talent in this film has extensive acting experience as his raw emotion engulfed me throughout most of the scene. It was lines such as “Don’t worry baby I’m going to be real gentle with you” that truly melted my heart (and groin)…..How did know it was her first time!??

Michelle Thorne as Titney Spheres in the wedding music video brought to you by PornHub

2.Wedding Gift

Is your husband getting you DP’d by two other men on your wedding night indicative of a bright future, Or does it simply say, you’re fucked?

wedding gift brought to you by PornHub

3. Kiss The Bride’s Ass Or Latinas Going Crazy

The fact that this horrific video had the word bride in the title was reason enough for me to share it with you folks. The director (who I’m sure gets ear fucked and has spermies swimming around in his brain) tries to make one the actresses do a shoutout to her FATHER, he then starts slapping her tits and interrogates her as to why her pussy is so while dark pretending to use it as a slingshot. That is only the start of this charming clip, check out the rest and decide if you agree with my sperm in the brain theory.

Kiss the bride’s ass or latinas going crazy brought to you by PornHub

3.Wedding Orgy

The fact that the bride and groom want Pedro their bus driver to drink and drive on their wedding night makes me think this was a Canadian wedding.

Wedding orgy brought to you by PornHub

4.Our Hot Wedding Night

This is by far the hottest wedding video…probably because it’s real. I ALSO think that this dude is THE luckiest guy in world!

Our hot wedding night! brought to you by PornHub

5. Stripper Fuck and Suck Groom

This is also pretty hot (gotta love Amateur!)….at least until he gives his new unsuspecting wife two strippers worth of STI’s. BEST WEDDING GIFT EVAAAA!

Strippers Suck And Fuck Groom brought to you by PornHub