Top Ten Muscular Female Celebs

by mr skin on April 28, 2011

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When T&A gets tough, it’s known as P&G: pecs and glutes!

From sweetly petite to big and buxom, naked babes come in all sort of succulent shapes and sizes. So get ready to flex and release, flex and release, because we over at Mr.Skin have compiled a list of  ten famous babes who can kick your ass… while they show it! Join Chyna, Sable, Serena Williams, and more for our top ten muscular female celebs list. They’ll pump you up!

10. Yolanda Hughes-Heying

… Gluteus to the maximus.

9. Jan Graveson

… Fur-cules.

8. JoeLean.

… Sexy and flexy.

7. Spice Williams

… Brawny Spice.

6. Lisa Lyon

… Skinewy!

5. Raye Hollitt

… Give your love muscle a workout.

4. Chyna


3. Sable

… She’ll pump you up.

2. Serena Williams


1. Gabrielle Reese

… Nice volleyballs!

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