Topless Model Candice Swanepoel Drowning In Gold Glitter

by Lola Byrd on May 21, 2012

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Is it just me or does the name “Swanepoel” sound like the Swedish word for camel toe? Yes, yes, I know she’s not Swedish. Candice is from South Africa, actually, where she was discovered at age 15 by a model scout at the Durban flea market.

Modeling has to be the only business in the world where it’s okay for pervy old guys to travel the world looking for underage hotties. Such a strange business. Models start so young and when you see them on the cover of Vogue or whatever you can’t even tell that you’re looking at a teenager.

Of Course, Candice is in her mid-twenties now so it’s okay to pop a boner while starring at her naked flesh covered in gold glitter. I don’t usually go for the blonde bombshell look, but I gotta say this chick is really beautiful and a quick Google search will reveal that she doesn’t mind going topless in front of the camera, which is a nice bonus for us pervs.

Here she is posing for an ad campaign for Colcci jeans… wadding topless in a pool of gold glitter. How much do you want to bet everyone on that set was picking gold glitter out of their ass cracks for days after that shoot? Trust me, every girl who has ever worn glitter will tell you that you’ll be finding tiny shinning flecks in the weirdest places for days and days and days. There’s just no getting rid of it.

Unlike a good hard-on, glitter can’t just be rubbed off.

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