Toronto To Get North America’s First Sex Doll Brothel

by RICK RODAY on September 6, 2018

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As someone who has masturbated using all manner of techniques and sex toys, full size silicone dolls really intrigue me. The high cost of ownership however quickly drenches the fires of my curiosity. Plus, how would you even store something like that when you aren’t using it?

Whenever I travel for a couple of days I worry about somebody stumbling upon one of my normal sex toys. The idea of trying to hide a human-sized fuck doll would give me all kinds of anxiety. Maybe if they made one that transformed into a flesh colored chair that I could hide in plain sight, but realistically there’s little chance I’ll ever get to try a fuck doll.

Unless I traveled to Toronto’s new sex doll brothel.

Canada’s biggest city is set to get North America’s first brothel that specializes in renting sex dolls by the hour. With the prospect of trying ketchup chips, Nanaimo bars, and fucking a life-sized silicone doll in a single trip, Toronto may be the destination for my next vacation.

The last sex doll brothel we read about was opened in France earlier this year. The businesses are popular in Europe were fluctuating prostitution laws make running a conventional brothel difficult. Rather than try to fight the red tape and constantly file for new permits and licenses, many entrepreneurs find it easier to just buy a few high-end sex dolls rent them out.

For Aura Dolls in Toronto, the idea is to cash in on the convince of their location and people’s curiosity by starting the first business of its kind in North America.

The brothel will open in a shopping plaza in one of the city’s booming commercial districts. According to their website they have six different dolls to choose from with rates as low as $80 for a half hour with one doll to $480 for four hours.

What someone would do with a rented sex doll for four hours is honestly beyond my imagination but I’m damn proud of Canada for making it possible.

According to a spokesperson for the city of Toronto, the business has yet to file for the proper license which may be a problem for Aura Dolls. A local councilor went on record as stating the city would be throwing every legal option possible at the owners to prevent them from opening a sex doll brothel. This opposition really confuses me.

So long as they also invest in a high-pressure steam washer to keep the inside of their dolls clean and sanitary, it sounds like a sex doll brothel wouldn’t hurt anybody. Having the first one in the continent could even boost tourism.


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