Truth Or Dare: What Perverse Things Have You Done?

by Lola Byrd on April 9, 2012

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I grew up in a generation where dares and bets where sacrosanct. It was a matter of honor. Sure, it might not have been as hardcore as the way of the Samurai, but we had our own code. To fold on a dare was to prove you were a wuss, and no one wants to be a wuss.

As kids on the playground, dares were pretty tame… of the “pull on sally’s pigtails” variety, but as we got older people got a little more creative. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve mooned in my short life, but it was a hell of a whole lot. Still, that was nothing but child’s play compared to the games of truth or dare we started playing as tweens.

It was a slow progression;  from kissing Jo on the cheek, making out with Jo for thirty seconds, letting Jo grab my left tit over my shirt… to letting five different guys suck on my nipples. In the name of truth or dare, I’ve licked the tip of my gay roommate’s dick, I’ve let some other dude slip his hand down my jeans so he could touch my pubes (I was fifteen, Brazilians weren’t on my radar yet), and I’ve walked down crowded city streets topless.

Oh the stories I could tell, which is, you know, what I’m doing, but what I really want to know is what pervy things you’ve all done while playing a good old game of truth or dare. I need to know these things. I need to be prepared, because even though I’m 30 now, I’d still be up to playing a game or two with you guys and I need to know what I’d be up against.

For each answer I get in the comment section I will post a picture of my tits! Game on.

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