Twitter Becomes Useful

by Joy Topaz on April 15, 2010

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It took us awhile to get on the Twitter bandwagon. But now that we’re here we love what Twitter is all about. And what it’s all about is chicks posting pictures of their wonderfully half dressed selves. Adrianne Curry helped to tip us off.

On our never ending voyage for more tits and ass we came across Coco who absolutely loves showing off hers. And this woman has a whole lot to show off. Coco’s Twitter account pays homage (usually on a daily basis) to her body. If you don’t recognize Coco by face you would probably recognize her by what she’s even more famous for – her almost always on display cameltoe.

You may also know her as Ice T’s wife or even better by her physics defying callipygian ass. Obviously this is one woman with many talents. Thank you Twitter and thank you Coco for teaching us what social media is really all about.

Speaking of Twitter, get off your lazy asses and follow Peeperz. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

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