University Of Maryland Offers Workshop On Sex Toys During “Sex Week”

by Calvin Clark on May 9, 2017

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With more college graduates hitting the real world with limited job opportunities, universities are doing whatever they can to prepare students for the real world and all of its harsh realities. This may include helping them find internships that provide unique work experience or offering classes on debt management and budgeting.

The University of Maryland is even helping students answer all of their questions about sexuality and orgasms by offering workshops on topics like sex toys – after all, nothing makes being unemployed worse than being sexually frustrated at the same time.

The workshop taught students how to use toys as well as identify the quality and the safety of certain types, because knowing what to stick up your butt without ending up in the hospital is one of life’s underrated life skills.

Some of the presentations sought to help people understand the role toys play in their sex lives. For example, one presentation encouraged students to experiment with anal play and discussed the proper way to use and sterilize a butt plug so that it can be used safely and effectively by multiple people.

The host of the workshop, Jessica VonDykem, explained:

“You can actually put this in a pot of boiling water after you’re done playing with it, totally sterilize it, then put it in somebody else’s butt. It’s also good for prostate play, you can put it in people’s butts.”

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The workshop was part of a weeklong event called “Sex Week,” which is offered by the campus’ health center to help educate students and empower them to practice safe, responsible sex. The other seminars open to students during sex week focus on a range of topics that help promote a positive, shame free environment for students to learn about sex and various life styles while exploring their own sexuality.

Some people have expressed concern over a public campus using tax money to fund for such things, but the University of Maryland thinks Sex Week is a positive and healthy experience for students. Personally, I was a bit of a late bloomer and would have appreciated this kind of sexual education for young adults when I was a freshman in college.

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