University Survey Says Philosophy Students Have Most Sex

by Calvin Clark on December 15, 2017

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College is an important time in a young person’s life. It’s when they get to leave home and experience adulthood in a controlled environment while acquiring the skills they will need to be unemployed for the rest of their 20s.

By nature of being surrounded by thousands of other people their age who are drunk on freedom, it’s also a time where young adults explore their sexuality.

A website popular with students in the English town of Brighton decided to see just how much sex college students were having when they administered The University Sex League Survey. To accomplish this they asked over 6,000 students about various aspects of their sex life including when they lost their virginity and how many partners they have had while in school.

After the data was crunched it was determined that philosophy majors, while not pondering the meaning of existence, are having the most sex. Hmm!

Philosophy students were found to have an average of 7 partners through the course of their academic career which was enough to earn them first place. This number sounds even more impressive when you look at the hardworking but less frisky chemical science engineers who average just 2.3 sexual partners while earning their degree.

The survey also revealed that 51 percent of women and 61 percent of men have had unprotected sex, with an additional 30 percent of women admitting to having taken the morning-after pill at least once. Whoa!

Discovering information on risky sex among college students is one of the benefits of surveys and open discourse about sexuality. This knowledge allows school officials and student programs to adjust their education and health programs to keep everyone safe and healthy.

A final interesting data point is that 51 percent of college students define themselves as being in a monogamous relationship, and 39 percent believe they will meet their future life partner while at a university. Despite all the adventurous sex and casual hookups, many college students are still just hopeless romantics.

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