Vageode for my Birthday, Please!

by Alpha Harlot on May 9, 2018

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Perverts tend to see sex where it doesn’t really exist. I am obviously a pervert. It’s fun to find dicks and boobs in nature, but even harder to cum by (hehe) is the object that looks like a pussy but isn’t supposed to be a pussy.

Enter: The Vageode Cake

Geode cakes are a Pintrest fad at this point. Everyone is trying to make one of these fancy baked goods that has a huge piece bitten out of it so that sugar crystals that look like amethysts and other fancy rocks can be inserted. They’re fancy as fuck and I love the way that they look, but part of me is thinking, “Where did the hunk of cake go after you sliced it out of it’s home?”

I’m all about making sure all cake is consumed responsibly, Peepz.

Don’t judge me.

When fancy award winning baker Abby Jimenez posted a pic of the geode cake that her bakers at Nadia Cakes put together, she wasn’t expecting the pervert patrol to come out and play.

As soon as one of her followers called out the fact that the geode cake looked like a vulva, it was impossible for everyone to un-see.

With her tongue firmly placed in her cheek, Nadia responded to as many comments as she could, which is probably the only reason that I’m talking to you Peepz about it. She also decided to christen the cake a Vageode cake, and promptly trademarked the term. Don’t go stealing that for your own bakery, Peepz. That’s copyright infringement.

She’s got my kind of humor and I nearly pissed myself reading through this thread. Here are a few screenshots of my favorite highlights. Click on the images to read them in full:

You can read through the whole hilarious facebook thread of how things went down by Clicking Here. And please do click there, because this shit is hilarious and I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to order a Vageode cake for your momma (or baby’s momma) for Mother’s Day, hurry up and get your orders in. Time is running out!

Also, my birthday is May 18th and I’d really like one of these. I hope they figure out how to ship them before then. #VulvaCakesForever

Source: NY Post and Abby Jimenez’s twitter

Image: Nadia Cakes facebook

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